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Blooming Interiors // Infusing Your Home with the Freshness of Spring

White sofa with pillows and blankets in beiges and creams; concrete cocktail table with oversized candle with gold lid.
Styling by Stephanie Park // Urbane Interiors

As winter wanes, it's time to refresh with the vibrant and rejuvenating spirit of spring. Say goodbye to the cool, muted tones of winter and welcome the warmth and freshness of the new season. Step inside our Principal Designer Stephanie Park's home to see how she has added some spring elements to usher in the light and bright aesthetic that spring brings!

Artisan clay pot with spring florals on a black console table. Table adorned with books, marble bowl, and hand textured glass candle hurricanes. Seagrass baskets below the console table.
Styling by Stephanie Park // Urbane Interiors

No spring-inspired interior is complete without the addition of lush greenery. Flowers and stems are a sure sign that warmer weather is soon upon us, so bringing these organic elements into your home makes the space feel light, bright, and airy. Principal Designer Stephanie Park's favorite flower is a white hydrangea, so it is a sure bet that these big, fluffy flowers will be adorning her home throughout the spring months.

Large shady lady tree in black pot sits near a black wood display cabinet and white boucle barrel chair.
Styling by Stephanie Park // Urbane Interiors

The incorporation of trees into indoor spaces has certainly gained momentum in recent years, so there is no better time to adopt this design element than during the spring months. The use of indoor trees goes beyond mere aesthetics; it introduces a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, creating a soothing and refreshing ambiance. To add extra height to your indoor trees, select a pot that is large and tall and drop the tree near the very top to elongate the visual interes. By drawing the eye upward, one can create the feeling of a higher ceiling height.

Black shaker cabinet style cabinetry in hallway niche with spring florals in a white artisan vase, along with coffee table books, stone tray, and gold candelabra. Custom moody dark blue and black art adorns the wall space.
Styling by Stephanie Park // Urbane Interiors

Another great way to add some spring-worthy vibes to your home is to add some spring florals in the corners and niches of your home. In this hallway niche, the addition of an aged artisan white vase and bright spring florals makes the space feel renewed. To transform the space, Stephanie changed out the vase and florals only...everything else was already in place. Small changes can have big impact with very little time and effort! A fun fact about this space -- the art is original and painted by Stephanie. Painting is one of her hobbies and she loves to buy "ugly" canvas artwork and recreate something over it!

Black wood nightstand with concrete textured lamp. Vintage walnut stained vase with white hydrangeas atop coffee table books. Cognac leather bed frame with white and grey bedding. Over-mudded stone accent wall behind the bed and nightstand.
Styling by Stephanie Park // Urbane Interiors

In many instances, a small little change is all you need to create a new feel and aesthetic. Simplicity reigns supreme in this corner of Stephanie's home. A few hydrangeas in a vintage wood vase transition the space in an understated and clean way. Having classic staples throughout your home allows for small seasonal changes without much effort.

Potted shady lady tree in beige stone pot near window with custom linen drapery in an ivory shade. Bleached white oak wood-look tile flooring.
Styling by Stephanie Park // Urbane Interiors

If you are getting the feeling that adding trees into your indoor space is a not-so-gentle nudge from Stephanie, then you are right! This lovely indoor tree has found its way into the corner of the formal dining room. With very little other changes to the room, it feels refreshed and ready for a delightful Easter Sunday feast!

We hope that these simple, easy changes have inspired you to help your home blossom into a springtime haven! The celebration of seasonal changes within the walls of your home helps to create a welcoming and rejuvenated space.

We'd love to work with you to design your next beautiful space!

Wishing you beauty and renewal in this spring season,

The Urbane Interiors Design Team


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