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Cozy Chic // The 2024 Color Palette Trends To Warm Up Your Space

The page has turned on 2023 and with the new year fully in swing, we look to the future and how the canvas of your home can change dramatically with the stroke of a paint brush. This year, warmth is the feel your home is hoping for! Join us on a journey through the cozy world of warm paint and stain finishes, where we explore the trends that are set to redefine the aesthetics of your home.


Dark walnut stained kitchen cabinetry and kitchen island with marble backsplash and white plaster range hood.
Blanc Marine Interiors

Let's take a moment to discuss wood stains...

This year, we foresee a departure from the light and airy finishes that have dominated recent years, as deep, rich wood finishes take center stage. Whether it's espresso-stained hardwood floors or mahogany furniture, darker wood tones add a touch of timelessness to any space. Furniture finished in a dark, warm stain becomes its own statement piece and will last well beyond the whims of design trends that may come and go in the years to come.

Wood paneled living room with light brown velvet chairs and ivory linen couch setting a moody, casual vibe.
Studio McGee

Dark walnut stained bathroom vanity with dark green tiled chair rail; European finishes, including marble countertop.
Blanc Marine Interiors


Powder bathroom with vertical wood feature wall painted in a dusty red color; black marble bathroom vanity with gold plumbing accents.
Studio McGee

We will be completely honest...never in the history of ever did we think we would be embracing any shade of red for the walls of 2024! But here we are!

Luckily, the reds of today are muted, dusty, muddy, and subdued. They are red without being RED...and we are here for it! We foresee the new reds to be used in small spaces, such as a powder bathroom or accented on cabinetry without using the color to canvas the entire space. While we anticipate that this trend won't last for a long time, it is a bold move that can really reinvigorate a tired space!


Formal office space with dark, emerald green walls and built-in bookshelves. Dark wood stained desk with camel leather chair.
Houselift Design

Go for gold! Well, we mean green...but anyway you slice it, green is a clear winner for 2024. From mossy hues to bold, grand emeralds, this choice is sure to be the right one. Choosing a lighter shade of green can evoke a warm, organic feel...choosing a bolder, classic green can bring opulence and old world charm to your space.

Warm green kitchen cabinetry with stained wood ceiling slats and light oak wood flooring.
AI Rendering by Houselift Design


Bathroom with dark brown walls and beige stand-alone tub with gold plumbing fixtures.
Little Greene Paint & Paper

Gone our the days of gray, gray, and more gray! Today's ideal paint colors evoke warmth...and with that, the browns are back! But let's be clear...the browns of the early 2000s are merely a memory. Today's palette of this earthy tone are richer and deeper...definitely no yellow or pink undertones!

Primary bedroom with taupe painted walls and ivory linen curtains. Plaid bed linens. Light brown boucle lounge chairs seated at the end of the bed. White French doors.
Jake Arnold


Dining room with antique European countryside wallpaper in shades of green and brown. Wood stained ceiling beams. Light beige linen curtains. Moss colored barrel dining chairs around a black dining table.
Light and Dwell

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the resurgence of wallpaper! Gone are the days of your mother's 1980s wallpaper DIY job (no offense, mom!). Today's wallpaper is sure to bring a feeling of lavish and luxe appeal. Many of the current wallpaper options include natural fibers, which bring texture and interest. We also believe that mural-esque wallpaper will become a staple in many homes! The take home mantra for great wallpaper in your home -- lean toward soft, organic shapes and warm, earthy tones...avoid the harsh geometric shapes that have been popular in recent years...we see these patterns taking their last bow this year.

Taupe and white floral wallpaper with large gold mirror on wall; bleach white oak sideboard with books and flowers.
McGee & Co

Well, there you have it! It is safe to say that this year will bring many layers of warm, earthy paint pigments, as well as rich dark stained woods and soft, organic wallpapers. We will be infusing these elements into our designs this year...and we can't wait to see how you put your own mark on the up and coming wall covering trends! If you're not sure how to bring your vision to life, do yourself and your bank account a favor...reach out to an interior designer in your area! They will help you cross the design finish line in grand fashion...and save you a lot of expensive mistakes in the process!

We'd love the opportunity to work with you on your next amazing design project!

Cheers to all the beautiful spaces yet to be!

Stephanie Park

Principal Designer

Urbane Interiors


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