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Embracing the Trends // Interior Design Ins and Outs for 2024

Kitchen with white plaster range hood, ivory & charcoal veined marble backsplash, and light beige cabinets. Gold accents.
Anthology Creative Studio

As we enter the new year, questions abound about the interior design trends that will leave their mark on the year 2024. At Urbane Interiors, we are not immune to tossing our hat in the ring and giving our best guesses about these upcoming trends...with our own biases included!

Let's discuss what is in and what is out...


Living room with Farrow & Ball "String" wall paint; brown velvet couch; industrial bookcase with European accents.
Christine Lemieux

Of all the 2024 trends, we are absolutely ready to embrace earthy brown tones. This warm and grounding color palette has taken center stage in creating inviting and cozy living spaces. Earthy browns, ranging from rich chocolates to muted taupes, offer a sense of comfort and sophistication. Whether applied to walls, furniture, or accent pieces, these hues bring a natural warmth to any space. If ever you needed a sign to warm up the cool grays that dominated homes in the last decade...this is it!

Chocolate brown dining room with rustic table and dark green velvet dining chairs
Kristi Hunter

Jewel tones are making a big comeback this year...including gorgeous sapphire blues and rusty, rich reds. Regardless of your choice of jewel tone, these colors will bring warmth, texture, and depth to any space. And if you're worried about how these rich, warm colors will fare during the summer months, just picture a large vase of white hydrangeas in the above spaces...yes, it would be so beautiful!


Vintage brass scoop on wall with artisan square tile in shades of beige
Evolve Lighting Co.

Vintage decor and lighting have become the darlings of interior design in 2024, bringing a nostalgic charm that transcends time. Incorporating pieces from bygone eras into current spaces adds character and a sense of history. Vintage decor, whether it's a well-loved heirloom or a carefully curated flea market find, tells a story. From retro pendant lights to ornate chandeliers, these timeless pieces not only illuminate spaces but also serve as amazing focal points.

Vintage sideboard with vintage art pieces hanging above it; black vase and dainty small lamp sit atop the sideboard.
Seeds of Home

In a world where individuality is cherished, vintage decor and lighting provide a delightful opportunity to infuse your home with a touch of the past, celebrating the beauty of design that stands the test of time.


Moody sitting room with warm earthy paint colors and furniture.
Lemieux et Cie

Monotone room design, characterized by a singular color palette, has emerged as a major trend in the realm of interior aesthetics for 2024. This minimalist approach to color creates a serene atmosphere. By focusing on a single color, one can experiment with different textures, materials, and patterns to add depth and interest.

Sitting room with earthy, muddy green walls and muted natural accents.
Christine Lemieux

Monotone rooms are a canvas for showcasing statement furniture pieces or unique architectural details, allowing them to take center stage. This design trend not only exudes elegance, but also provides a backdrop that screams effortlessly chic.


Beige boucle chair with throw blanket slung over arm of chair.
McGee & Co.

In 2024, the interior design landscape is witnessing a shift away from bouclé fabric as a primary choice for upholstery and furnishings. While bouclé has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, its reign is now giving way to other materials. As much as it pains us to admit this trend is on the way out...well, it is what it is!

Beige boucle arm chairs in modern coastal living room with white ceiling beams, textural and organic accents.
Jenni Kayne

The move away from bouclé can be attributed to a desire for more diversity and experimentation in textures within interior spaces. This departure doesn't dismiss the fabric's softness and comfort, but rather an interest in incorporating new textures. That being said, if you love bouclé (and who doesn't?!), take a nod from McGee & Co. or Jenni Kayne's use of this fabric...avoid the ivory tones and select a warmer, earthier hue.


Wicker lighting pendant in foyer with white walls and natural fiber accents.
McGee & Co.

"For 18 months, wicker lighting fixtures were being sold at every price point from high-end UK furniture maker Soane to mass marketers like Pottery Barn. They came and went. Goodbye." --Timothy Corrigan

Well, there you have it. Wicker lighting had its moment...and it was an amazing moment. But there are so many amazing lighting options available to take wicker's place. You won't miss it, we promise!

And here is our final thoughts on the ins and outs of 2024...

You do you! Find what speaks to you and your home, regardless of whether something is trending or on the outs. Truly loved and lived in homes seldom adhere to the current craze, but rather slowly build a story over time. When your friends and loved ones enter your home, the surroundings should remind them of you, not the most recent seasonal clearance at Crate & Barrel...unless, of course, that's your jam!

Cheers to you and your home...may it feel like "home" to you, whatever that may be!

To the homes of 2024 and beyond,

Stephanie Park

Principal Designer

Urbane Interiors LLC


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